Casa Mascia

Who we are

In the historical center of Dolianova, about 20 km from Cagliari, the Mascia Family owns a typical Campidanese house , built in half of 1800. Set in Via Manzoni No 7,reflects the typical Italian architecture of nineteenth century, with the supporting structures made with large walls stone, chestnut beams and juniper, tiles in the original Sardinian tile. The entrance portal, added to an imposing sandstone arch, opens into a long yard, where you can see the windows of the kitchen and the dining room, where breakfast is served. The service of B & B (Bed and Breakfast), allows tourists to easily move to the country and around. The area of Dolianova, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, it's also the site of important archaeological finds, some of them dating back to the Pre-Nuragic and several places of historical interest, among which the Church of San Pantaleo, dating back to Romanic era. Beach lovers can reach the beach of Poetto, Cagliari, in about 20 minutes by car. Tourists who are interested in culinary traditions will find in Dolianova excellent olive oil, precious and famous wines, cheeses, fruit of local producers, and a source of prestige and economic well-being for the whole area of the City.

Bed and Breakfast Casa Mascia - Via A. Manzoni, 7, 09041 Dolianova Cagliari -Tel: 0039-070/743481-0039-3476204208--English and Franche:0039-3454708652